Pastor Robes - Their Purpose and Role

Published: 18th March 2010
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Pastor robes have become an essential part of most churches. You can find plenty of reasons why churches continue to make use of this age old tradition.

True Meaning of Minister Robes

Basically, wearing of church robes is a way for the people to be able to identify the minister or the pastor. The members of the church immediately know the person that was called by God to help lead his people, just by seeing the minister.

The robe acts to diffuse the personality of the individual and highlight his special calling as a facilitator and representative of Christ instead.

Look at how police officers and judges also wear their uniform. They can do so because they are under oath with the state and they act accordingly as State representatives.

Another good reason for the usage of the robes is that the minister comes to symbolize Christ himself.

The robes are not meant to separate the priest from the rest of the members; it simply works as a way for the people to distinguish him as the person functioning under the office of the Lord.

Moreover, the robes also help to go ahead and add a touch of reverence to the services. There is no denying that whenever the pastor wears a robe in front, people pay attention to the service and what is being said.

Wearing of pastor robes has been a long tradition and so far, it has continued on. Even though there are people who object to the practice now, it is still holding fast and hopefully will continue to do so for a long time.

Pastor robes are just one of the many clerical garments that are used by many church denominations.

Another example of a liturgical piece is the alb. This piece of garment is usually worn by people from the Catholic, Anglican and several Protestant Churches. More often than not, the color of the alb is usually white; it goes up to or near the ankle and commonly held by a girdle.

The clerical collar is also another important church apparel. It is one of the most easily recognized pieces in church wear.

This is actually a detachable collar that is fastened using two buttons and is placed in the neck area. The color for this is almost always white.

Even if the common color is white, the type would vary depending on the church denomination that uses them. The kind of fabric used for this is often cotton or linen.

Clergy stoles are another important and popular piece of clerical vestments used by a majority of Christian churches. The stole is a band of cloth like a scarf, created from silk or cotton and placed over the robe.

The center part of the stole lies at the back of the neck and the two ends are left to hang in the front. These are either secured together or left as it is.

There are a lot more vestments that are used by clergy members and each of them has a special purpose. Pastor robes are only one form of vestment that is donned by a member of a clergy.

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